Get to Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Party Pals Won’t Stop Talking

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Gossip


Justin Bieber left his Brazilian escapades behind him over a week ago, but the female fans who got thisclose to the singer still can’t stop blabbing about their 15-minute brush with fame.
From marijuana to the pint-size pop star in his underwear (oh, and that girl who took the video), the club girls are coming out of the woodwork.

An 18-year-old named Andressa was one of the lucky few who got to party the night away with the 19-year-old superstar at his rented mansion in Rio de Janeiro, and she told her story to Brazil’s TV Fantastico.

“He was there enjoying, talking, so he decided to go he turned and said ‘let’s go,’” said Andressa, who according to a Zax Club employee was chosen to get into the VIP room, along with other female groupies, by the Biebs’ own security.

“He got into a black car behind a van… we girls filled the van,” she added.

The TV show even got a hold of some party pics that allegedly show JB on the couch surrounded by a bevy of ladies and alcohol including beer, whiskey, vodka and cigarettes on the table.

“Had marijuana, he smokes, what can we do?” Andressa laughed.

“He decided he would go in the pool… when he left the pool, got undressed, and was only in underwear and started again. Then I thought oh my god, I can’t believe what am I seeing.”

Then, there’s the now-infamous Tati Neves, who (not surprisingly) also couldn’t help being on camera to tell of her alleged sex-capade with the crooner.

Only this time instead of gushing about how great he looks naked and his unbelievable stamina between the sheets, she acted coy.

“I slept there and woke up, he was sleeping and I was talking to a friend,” she said.

After every TMI moment Neves has already confessed to, the interviewer thought it was necessary to ask if they kissed: “What do you think? If I slept with him in a room just me and him,” she answered.

Although Neves already spilled the beans by giving a tell-all to The Sun, she’d still let Bieber have the last word.

“If he says no,” she said with a smile, “I’ll say no.”

Biebs is probably thinking that $3 million confidentiality agreement (i.e. no tweeting, texting, or blabbing of any kind) would have come in handy in South America.


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