The $1,200 Condom Jacket That Gives “Raincoat” Yet Another Meaning

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Entertainment

Photo: Courtesy Style Mode Magazine


The $1,200 Condom Jacket That Gives “Raincoat” Yet Another Meaning
NOV 17, 2013 7:00 PM
Photo: Courtesy Style Mode Magazine.
When Asher Levine dreamed up this piece of latex outerwear, it surely was not lost on him that “raincoat” was once a popular slang term for a condom. The Lady Gaga-approved menswear designer created the jacket out of medical-grade silicone and employed the same air-drying process used to manufacture condoms — and there’s enough material here to make up to 400 rubbers. “It’s basically the same thing but it’s a coat,” Levine told the New York Post. “I like that it looks like it’s wet. It’s slimy.”

If you want it, however, you’d better book it to the Housing Works Fashion for Action benefit on November 20, where it’ll retail for $1,200. Proceeds from the sale help to provide aid to HIV-positive transgender clients, including housing and legal services.

Whether the jacket folds up small enough to stick in your wallet, however, is unclear. (New York Post


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