Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Get Real Fresh On Saturday Night Live

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Entertainment


It’s really hard to know where to begin with this performance from Saturday Night Live. Let’s start with Gaga’s hair: it looked like the blonde version of the wig Gina wore after her head got stuck in the headboard of the Nefertiti 2000 on Martin. Then, and most shockingly, the performance between Lady Gaga & R. Kelly was so awkward that it was laughable.

This is the first time Gaga has performed “Do What You Want,” her second single and since she was the musical guest on SNL, it seemed appropriate that she invite the Kellz to perform it with her since he’s featured on the song. But before we could even get to him popping up onstage, we had to deal with Gaga getting reacquainted with her crotch area.

Then, R. Kelly came out for his verse and there was a lot pf her jumping up on him, him carrying her while singing, bending over so he could give her a tap on the booty. Granted, the song is about a man doing what he wants to her body so the point was seemingly to give us a performance that lived up to the lyrics.

But then…but THEN, Gaga laid down on her back and R. Kelly hovered over her doing push ups, essentially simulating sex. IT was actually more funny that I think it was supposed to be.


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