Pray For Me, I Need A Husband Fast” – Funke Akindele Cries Out

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Entertainment

Quite embarrassing… Babe abeg ehh! If you need a husband fast; take to the streets..believe me, you will have uncountable number of suitors willing to have your hand in marriage..ain’t nobody going to pray for you! Mtchewww! Shame no dey catch una?

Nollywood actress and producer of award winning movie, Jenifa, Funke Akindele, may be rich, famous and widely celebrated, but something is still missing in her life: a husband.
The actress whose nine months old marriage to Kenny Oloyede crashed about three months ago, bared her mind recently when she said she would want to settle down fast and start bearing children, seeing that age is not on her side.
In her mid-30s, Funke said she is praying to God for her own man soon.
“Man proposes and God disposes,” she said, waxing spiritual, “so people should keep their fingers crossed and pray for me to meet the bone of the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh and not somebody else.
“It is one of my dreams to bear children soon and I believe it will come to pass soon. Once I start my home, I hope to cut down on acting so that I can give my family more attention,” she says.
“Some of my mates have more than three kids today,” Funke laments, again going spiritual; “Perhaps, this is how God wants me to be for now. When the time comes, and that time could be anytime, I hope to put acting on hold for a family.”
She also has a word for all those guys who are scared of asking for her hand in marriage:
“To all the guys scared of approaching me for marriage, I say, you don’t have to let inferiority complex overwhelm you. If God says you are the right person for me, then nothing will stop it.”


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