Top 3 Types Of Girls Men HATE To Date

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Life and Style

We LOVE girls. It’s in our DNA. However, past your looks and past your image you TRY to portray of yourself, these are the three types of girls we can’t stand!

1. Miss Negative.
Want to hear a sad story? They have one. Want to hear how bad someone else’s life is? They would LOVE to sit you down and tell you about theirs. These are the girls that find the bad side to everything. You win a million dollars in the lottery? She’s thinking about taxes and will instantly tell you about the stories of people who ruin their lives after they win the lottery. There’s just no happiness in them. Not only are they impossible to date, they’re impossible to enjoy.


2. The “Perfect” Girl.
This is the girl who realized in Middle School that all the boys liked her and it was because she was prettier than other girls and has ridden it her whole life. College was her way of finding the richest man she could to take care of her for the rest of her life. First of all these types of girls are impossible to please as well as they will always think they’re better than you. Giving a girl the kind of power to know she can leave you and date any other guy is horrible when she abuses it. Girls who have these kinds of looks and are humble are hard to find, but if you have one, don’t let go of her.

3. The Debater.
This is the girl that is never wrong. Ever. Ask her who is right and who is wrong in the argument? She is. You beat her with proof and examples or even took her to court and beat her through the legal process and still ask her who is right? She is. Girls, this is the side of you or the few of you who refuse to be wrong. No matter if the relationship is on the line, it’s a debate about sports, or we’re asking you if you’ll let us go to the bar with our friends, this is the girl who has it her way or the highway. Definitely not the kind of girl ANY guy wants to consider putting a ring on.


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