The relevance of a national dialogue in Nigeria

Posted: October 27, 2013 in The Economy
Odilim Basil Enwegbara

Odilim Basil Enwegbara
| credits: File copy

Is there any Nigerian who should say that he or she is happy about how our country is grossly mismanaged especially given how the country has been constituted so far is inhibiting our journey to greatness?

If any Nigerian in his or her right mind believes that so far all is well with Nigeria, with it spending 75 per cent of its annual budget on maintaining its imperial rulers and their large foot soldiers, shouldn’t that person need some help?

For those arguing that President Goodluck Jonathan is not sincere in proposing a national dialogue, are they saying that all is well with Nigeria as it is presently constituted or that talking is harmful? Or how long should we go on with our endless quarrelling and gossiping while Nigeria is on its way to a state of coma?

  1. frankylin says:

    Great piece as usual.

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