Posted: October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sleeping and waking has become a daily routine or should I say a constant blessing bestowed on us who are still privileged to walk the streets in search for daily bread. The one thing that has kept us all going is this thing called “hope”. Yes hope. 

I am one in many who believe that the future of a country lies in the hands of her present leaders and not in the hands of her future leaders.

But even hope seems to be running away from us. What transpires on a daily basis makes the hand writing on the wall clearer even when written in white on a white surface.

So I am asking, is it getting better or worse?. As I was told, before we had our independence, this notion that “things will get better” was then used and worn as a blazer of hope by her populace. When she got her independence, same was still been said even worse till date, we still hear hear the same. And I ask again, when shall it get better? 

Looking at the face of her populace, the zeal to move on is turning to a myth, and hope which is the main reason why every single being live for is beginning to fade away. 

Permit me to say that; it’s never going to get better. Though it sounds bitter but, that is just the naked truth. You can’t refute this statement of mine. If you have one reason to prove me wrong; I shall give you a hundred why it should go my way.

The mentality of her future leaders are been thwarted to negativity. Sitting back, watching and looking for the slightest opportunity to ascend to the height where their eyes have been set on for quite a while so they can reap their own fruits. By mere looking around, one can easily imagine the kind of “trash” that are already stuffed into the minds of her future leaders. And still, they say “its going to get better”.

The visions and missions set by her past and present leaders are still lying untouched while more are still being laid down. They give her populace hope but, I see non. All I can see is suffering, agony, pain; only to mention but a few. When will they stop lying to her populace and come out plain so all can unitedly face the music once and for all.

If I am to take back my statement which I will definitely find hard to; though not impossible, I can only make an adjustment to it.  

So I ask you, what do you think? Better or worst? Your voice, your opinion


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