ASUU VS FG, what does it lead to?.

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Looking at what is going on between the Federal Government and ASUU, one would begin to ponder if ASUU is actually a means used by some selfish individual’s to enrich themselves, thereby achieving their own ulterior motives rather than that of the student’s. Regardless of what their motives are.

In the wake of all this, I began to ask myself; Is the so called ASUU stronger than FG? Why keep dreams wasting over some consensus that has nothing to do with the student’s? how long will this continue to happen? Do we have a President or just a figure head? where are our so called policy maker’s?.

Well, if you must know…they have all gone cold. Because, no matter what happen, their pay cheque keeps coming and banks alerting them on payments made into their various accounts. We are talking  about million’s of Naira. So, the one question they stand asking themselves is “why worry when all is good with us?”

With all their kids abroad and nothing to lack or loose, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. Aside all these, our so called leaders throw money on things that matter’s the least in our list worries.

The future of the youth’s of this country are wasting and dream’s fading. they still watch helplessly while at the same time ravaging in fear. Believe it or not, one day, they will get tired of watching whilst fear shall be eliminated from their faces. When that day comes, sacrifices will be made and hopefully, the aim of it all will be achieved.

But, all this could be abated right? So, why compounding them?. This and many more are the question’s our emotionless leader’s have to answer and hopefully prevent the unexpected from adding to the list of already expected things to happen.


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